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IPM or Integrated Pest Management is the systematic application of biotic and abiotic controls for pest management.  Gone are the times of throwing a whole lot of insecticide at trees to treat them for pests.  We learned that this can cause a loss of beneficial organisms and leave trees and forests wide open to harmful pests.

The first step of any pest management is to identify the pest. Then we can figure out why this pest is successful, what its natural enemies are, and if it can be controlled with less water, better soil, more light, etc.

The advances in today’s insecticides have come a long way from the past as well.  There are many natural control agents out there that can be very effective, when applied properly. New compounds also target very specific pests and are formulated for safe environmental use.

We have a licensed pesticide specialist on staff who can safely apply any pest control substances, compounds, or natural additives to help keep your trees and plants healthy and thriving.


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2008 – 2020


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They were quick and efficient. The prices were good and the scheduling was easy.  -Michael Dettloff